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Property Insurance Inspections
Insurance property inspection capabilities

Intelligent Data. Smarter Decisions.

Get the information and analytics that
lead to underwriting confidence.

Insurance property inspection capabilities
Self InspectR

An Alternative to Physical Inspections.

Self InspectR provides a
less-intrusive, more-convenient
option for homeowners.



Inspection Optimization.
Focus on Actionable Risks.

PreInspectR directs your
resources to actionable risks.


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Consumer Video

For Consumers

If you received a request from your insurance carrier or Millennium to take photos of your residence rather than have an inspector visit in person, watch this video. Self InspectR® is an easy way to use your smart phone or tablet to help make sure you receive the right insurance coverage.

About Millennium Information Services

Since 1991, Millennium Information Services has been a pioneer in bringing P&C insurers new and innovative ways to collect, manage, and mine an extensive range of property and performance data – fueling true underwriting intelligence.

By providing proprietary technology and client service for the full property inspection and analysis lifecycle, our nationwide inspections, technology tools, and analytic solutions make it easier to build more profitable, predictable homeowners’ portfolios.



"Our exclusive relationship with Millennium has helped me increase underwriting efficiency on both my new business and renewal policies. Since all relevant data is visible to the underwriters and management, we’re able to use MAPS to make smarter, more informed decisions"
Mike Koscielny, Director of Underwriting for Florida Peninsula Insurance Company.

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