Three decades pursuing one goal:
Greater P&C profitability.

Our Management Team

  • Scott Dismeier

    Scott earned his bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University and his MBA from DePaul University. He originally joined Millennium in 1997 after serving 12 years in numerous management and executive roles (Assistant Treasurer, Secretary to the Board and Vice President of Technology) at First Chicago Corporation (First National Bank of Chicago). Scott later rejoined Millennium in 2007 after serving for five years as Capital Markets Technology Managing Director and Chief Application Architect for BankOne/JPMorgan Chase.

  • Jeff
    Jeff Twietmeyer
    Vice President of Technology

    Jeff earned his Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Illinois State University and has been a CSM since 2013. He joined Millennium in 2002 after serving in application development and architecture roles for 20 years. Prior to Millennium, Jeff held positions as a Manager at Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) and a Technical Architect at Amadeus Consulting.

  • Robert Richter
    Vice President of Finance, Administration and Compliance

    Robert earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of St. Francis and his MBA from DePaul University. A Certified Public Accountant, Robert joined Millennium in 2011 with over 25 years of corporate finance and public accounting experience. Prior to joining Millennium, Robert served as a Division Vice President of Finance with Washington Mutual Home Loans, and as Vice President of Finance at Career Education Corp.

  • Angie Hersheway
    Vice President of Operations

    Angie earned her bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University. She joined Millennium in 1997 as Manager of Human Resources after serving in similar roles with several other large Chicago firms. She has been serving as the Senior Manager over field and quality control operations since 2011.

  • Scott Dravet
    Director of Technology and Infrastructure

    Scott earned his Bachelor of Science degree in information systems and computer programming from Purdue University. He joined Millennium in 2010 after serving in application development, database administration and IT management roles with commercial banks and healthcare organizations for 19 years. Prior to Millennium, Scott held positions as Vice President and Senior Technical Manager with Bank of America and Director of IT Infrastructure with Coventry Health Care.

Case Studies

  • Improving Homeowner and Agent Experience

    A Millennium client wanted to complete a large number of interior inspections in a seasonal state. Millennium created an enhanced calling process that greatly improved homeowner engagement and availability and significantly increased the percentage of successfully completed appointment-based inspections.

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  • Revisiting a Book of Business

    When a multi-regional client wanted a fresh, customized and more accurate look at their personal property book, Millennium stepped in to offer strategies and software that sharpened the quality of their inspections and information, and resulted in significantly improved portfolio visibility and profitability.

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  • Greater Clarity for Profitability

    When legacy systems limited an insurer’s access to essential information that helped inform and track underwriting decisions, they turned to Millennium for a deeper and broader view – one that allowed senior management to get a better, more profitable look at underwriting practices and their impact on the bottom line.

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  • Boosting Inspection Efficiency

    When a trusted insurer found themselves burdened with an aging book of business, Millennium helped them revisit and revitalize that book with a powerful, proprietary tool that helped them concentrate inspection services where they would make the greatest difference.

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