We transform data into intelligence,
information into a competitive advantage.

What We Do

Advanced inspections. Sophisticated technology. Deep-dive analytics.

At Millennium Information Services, our people and technology empower you with an unparalleled, comprehensive understanding about your book of business, and ability to achieve significant operating efficiencies. It starts with the most rigorous, thorough inspection system in the industry by our own professional team, augmented by our Self-InspectR® tool for homeowners to provide photographic and written documentation for hard-to-schedule applicants.

As a technology leader in the underwriting services field, Millennium provides data analytics that allow you to gain unparalleled visibility into your book of business, and offers insurance scoring to help you prioritize properties that warrant greater attention and influence cost-effective decisions. Millennium was the first and only inspection service provider to develop two predictive scoring solutions: Property PredictR® which allows carriers to effectively assess the potential loss ratio relativity of each property within their book, and PreInspectR® which is a suite of optimization scores that prioritizes properties for renewal reviews to get the most from your inspection budgets.

Partnering with Millennium allows you to better identify and take action on individual risks and aggregate trends, to make informed underwriting decisions. The results make a real impact on your bottom line.

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