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Technology Tools

Technology that turns information into insight, data into intelligence.

Every detail from our inspections is fed into Millennium’s Automated Property System (MAPS), a powerful, dynamic and user-friendly system that acts as both a data warehouse and a workflow management tool.

Through MAPS, you get instant access to information like replacement costs, diagrams of a property, digital photos, hazards, supplements, notification letters, underwriting notes and decisions, and various reports through a highly secure, password-protected website. We also keep your data safe and secure with a tier-3, triple redundant commercial data center.

More than 300 underwriting referrals are available, from roof condition to hand rails to paint peeling. You can establish your own referral logic, assigning values based on your underwriting objectives.

Optimize your workflow with Millennium’s Stack Logic®

Upon completion of our rigorous quality review, your fully vetted inspection moves on to our entirely automated underwriting process.  The first of these is our highly configurable Stack Logic service, which applies your pre-established criteria to categorize and prioritize inspections for your underwriting review. This allows underwriters to apply their attention where it is needed most, and to obtain efficiencies by eliminating the review of cases where no underwriting concerns exist.

MAPS includes a host of flexible, easy-to-use data analysis and processing tools, including a sophisticated photo editor, easy annotation features, automated inspection assignment to underwriters and instant access to PDF files of individual inspections for agents and underwriters.


Configurable Dashboard Tiles

The MAPS technology platform provides real-time multi-dimensional reporting of program metrics, visible directly on the user dashboard. Additionally, MAPS allows users to configure workflow functions represented by dashboard-saved searches based upon the job function, providing powerful functionality at the click of a mouse.


Search Reporting

MAPS provides the industry’s most advanced ad hoc reporting capability by allowing the user to run queries against numerous inspection survey data points. This allows for the construction of extremely powerful ad hoc and repeatable reporting mechanisms. For example, agent and/or underwriter score cards, condition hazard analysis, disposition of policy and coverage amount increases are some of the many evaluations that can be constructed.


Data Drill-Down from Tile Functions

The MAPS user dashboard gives you drill-down capability to instantly see the underlying data reflected in the dashboard reporting tiles. For instance, if an evaluation of the frequency of agent policy submissions with major or minor conditions is desired, users can select the tile reflecting average condition referral weightings and drill down through region, state, county and zip code levels, ultimately gaining visibility of frequency at the individual agent level.

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