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Farmstead Lines
Farmstead Lines

Profiting from the combination of home and farm.

Today’s farm operations vary widely in scale and complexity. Millennium is able to provide a survey solution for each, from small to mid-size family operations to large, multi-structure property exposures.

Through experienced inspectors who bring specialized skills in farmstead operations, dwellings and outbuildings are measured, diagrammed, and photographed with two views of the main dwelling. Diagrams are concise and provide a perspective of the farmstead footprint. Photos are also taken of all noted conditions and hazards, with comments from the inspector included to provide expanded details. In addition to condition information, the report provides replacement cost information with a breakdown for each structure.

For underwriting needs that could benefit from even more data, there are opportunities for supplements specific to Farmsteads.

Millennium offers Farmstead Supplements for:

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